Currencies Outlook by LQD Market
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Thread: Currencies Outlook by LQD Market

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    Default Currencies Outlook by LQD Market

    Gold Forecast

    For a Friday, markets are hinting towards the dollar and yen’s downward movement while more investors are betting on the upside move for the Euro, Aussie and Kiwi. What could have been the catalyst for the Comm dolls (Aussie & kiwi) moving upwards? The answer to that is – China’s strong data coming from its government indicating initiatives in the financial sector proven by the increased amount of lending or loans. Isn’t it bizarre how local Australian data such as its labor market report in march didn’t influence it as much as the Chinese data.

    Read More: Gold Forecast 12th April 2013 | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Default Currencies Outlook

    EUR/USD Forecast

    Despite some high-impact data due to be released today, the deadly Boston Marathon blasts has contributed to the decline of the Asian markets together with Japan’s stock indexes falling (approx.2% drop) as did the whole lot including Aussie’s , Oil and Gold prices .This would mean that investors would be more risk averse and be worth for us as traders giving a lookout for less risky currencies seen as safe heavens like the USD, JPY and CHF. Saying that, is this the reason for the short term fall for the euro as in both the 15 min and 1Hr charts below?

    EUR/USD Forecast 16th April 2013 | Liquid Markets Blog

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Currencies Outlook by LQD Market