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Thread: Masterforex-V Signals and Analysis

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    Picture 1: "Long"-term

    Picture 2: "Mid"-term

    As long as MF3 or MF3/3 pivots are not broken. The only available direction for me to work will be - "down"
    Strategy: upcoming week mostly I will be looking for opportunities to open a "sell" position.
    Here are some possible s/r zones that might give me a chance to open a trade

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    Masterforex-V Training News: How using the volume it can be calculated the market several moves ahead?

    In current trading, intraday trader needs to understand clearly which side of the capital is the large, and what actions it spends on the market. The principle is quite simple: the market maker is always working against the crowd due to the fact that he has to fulfill its volume due to the smaller parties.
    Understanding the action of the major players - the key to a successful and stable trade. Synthesizing between the quantities of the different levels and principles of the ICA can be a high probability of track action in the market of "smart money".

    Synthesis of various levels of volume shows us the areas where market orders have accumulated and where "Krupnyakov" could open positions.

    Methodology ICA helps determine the market background and actions of big capital in relation to the crowd. To see the direction of the trend, we must learn to think like a "big player" to understand his actions and follow along with the "smart money" in the same direction. The same section we consider in terms of the methodology of the ICA: the figure below the key signals are marked with numbers 1-4

    Point 1 - a powerful breakdown level of support and failure stops the crowd yesterday at the American session.

    Point 2 - the crowd in hope of selling trend, the continuation of the fall. But doing it too fast, panic, not waiting for corrective pullback. Took advantage of "smart money" mean and sellers raising prices.

    Point 3 - the remaining sellers try Shorts continuation of the trend, the volume low. What makes a market maker? Of course, satisfies their bid buys and sell orders after raises the price, and in the morning on Asia keeps the price high to until the small speculators do not panic and do not otstopyatsya.

    Point 4
    - yesterday's short-term sales start to panic and exit the market, we call it the shooting stops. However, where a crowd of foot, big business sells its sale, which all have been waiting for last night.

    Understanding this logic gives understanding entry and work priorities in the current moment, and not the fact of the post. This allows you to be proactive and to calculate the market a few moves ahead. Naturally market collapsed down nearly 100 points, pointed in the Educational Department of the Masterforex-V World Academy.

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    "(Reuters) - A U.S. bank regulator on Wednesday fined three top banks a total of $950 million for failing to prevent employees' misconduct in foreign exchange trading.

    The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) agreed to pay $250 million, and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and Citigroup Inc (C.N) would each pay $350 million.

    Regulators said traders from the three banks used online chat rooms to discuss ways to manipulate rates to benefit themselves and share confidential information such as customer orders.

    Earlier on Wednesday, a separate group of U.S. and foreign regulators announced $3.4 billion in fines against five banks, including JPMorgan and Citi, over attempts to manipulate the same rate, which is used by asset managers and corporate treasurers to value their holdings."

    I read it everywhere. How concerned should people be?
    JohnHess - I think that small "mortal" traders should reconsider their approach to markets.
    This "scandal" just confirms the idea, that Forex market is not a "free market" at all. It is a completely regulated market.
    If it is regulated - than there is a system. If there is a system - every system has its "week points".

    How concerned should trader be? I don't think that you can do or change anything - but keeping in mind that Forex market is a "controlled" market opens your eyes on a completely different perspective.
    Masterforex-V wrote a whole chapter in his book about it long before 2008:
    What trading advantages can get a trader from Masterforex-V's concept of the controlled Forex market.

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    Training News of the Masterforex-V World Academy: Hidden risks of the Forex market

    Any company offering its Clients the online trading services, indicates the presence of the risks associated with this type of earnings and any responsibility for any losses of their Clients associated with these risks cannot be held.

    However, there are many situations in which there is a risk of loss to the trader available to it on deposit funds not covered by the supplier of such services, but directly related to the action or inaction of these organizations.

    The most frequent are so-called technical problems associated with the inability to timely closure order or position - "slippage".

    If you experience this kind of technical problems, the trader cannot be completed on time trading operation, then, there is the postponement of the execution order of the client in a certain place. If the Client is continuously monitoring its operations, it can simply reapply for closing the existing open order or position.

    But in the case of Order to close trading at a certain value exchange rate determined by the trader to close a position with the purpose to avoid losses, as well as due to the inability to control for a certain period of time, such "slippage", may cause considerable damage to the Client.

    Another type of possible losses are unfounded trader jumps in exchange rates. These jumps are in sharp change of course has not been confirmed, some of the criteria, but which would be enough not only for significant damage, but also the complete loss of funds trader. Basically, these races are of short duration, in connection with the exchange rate almost immediately returns to the starting point of unmotivated rise or fall.

    The most "dirty" way is to trade against their Clients. This is possible thanks to the organization of data on all commercial transactions of its customers obtained by means of software designed to provide traders with access to the resources of the foreign exchange market. Sometimes these actions are directed against a single trader has to deposit its relatively large sum of money.
    The above are only part of the risks among the huge number of actions and omissions, both dealers and brokers in our country, due to the lack of legislation to regulate the very emergence of these situations, as well as the presence of a specific responsibility for such violations.
    The experts of the Educational Department of the Masterforex-V World Academy will monitor the risks appearing on the market.

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    Masterforex-V Training News: Long-term and short-term trading on the Forex

    If a person wants to try making money with his mind on Forex, one of the main issues is the choice of a trading strategy.

    Only one chooses what to prefer long-term or short-term trading. Each of the variations of these strategies has its advantages and disadvantages.
    To make it easier and more accurate to opt for a specific period of time or timeframe, it is necessary to identify the key points. Here they are: the amount of the initial deposit, aims to trade posed by the trader, but also, the psychological subtleties of character speculator. It is necessary to deal with all separately.

    If you do not have enough money to start trading, you should use Forex Scalping Strategy, then you can pick out a small profit at the slightest change of quotations currency pair.

    Use of the greatest leverage will give a great lever for trading on a shoestring, but to reap the profits. Of course, with the right trading increase in the deposit, it occurs quite naturally and thus can reduce the risk of losses. Only when the funds on deposit are substantial, then, the profit comes from the logical one, but long-term deal.

    The truth is the amount of money on deposit does not mean that scalping should be neglected, because it is preferable to get normal income rather than small jobs.

    If the main purpose of building a trader puts money in the account as soon as possible, this will help to achieve scalping, because the prices of currency pairs for the day are a large number of points. The main thing that should be kept in mind that this method of trading is a very big risk. In addition, in this case too much depends on the case, and the failure may lie in wait in any transaction. Therefore, long-term trading does not look so risky, though rather slow process. Accordingly, you need to be patient.

    Long-term trading is less dependent on large leverage. With this method, it is important to remember that special role takes a long trade transactions.

    Long-term strategies are used by most speculators, because anyone can trade quietly, hoping future price forecasts, and for scalping needed psychological qualities such as the rapid adoption of clear decisions, the ability to control emotions, pointed the experts of the Masterforex-V World Academy`s Training Department.

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    Below is a picture with breakdown of C-wave to smaller level sub-waves.

    Keep in mind "internal" MF Trend Line (blue) will become actual after breaking through aC top.

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    Strategy for Eur/Usd for this week:
    Last week - pivot that was protecting a mid-term wave down was broken. To proceed with trend down it is better to wait until the new cycle down will be created (i.e. a new FZR down).

    From the other hand: a mid-term flat is started with "scales outweighing down". Therefore It might be a good idea to hunt for some "sell" positions this week as per green line on the picture (don't forget the risk of trading in "flat-mode")

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    Eur/Usd - has stuck in a deep mid-term flat.
    To break-out of it - a new FZR in to one or another direction is needed.

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    Strategy for Eur/Usd for following week:

    MF Pivot protecting long-term trend down remains unbroken so far.

    On the other hand:

    The Mid-term flat that started couple of weeks ago now has grown in to a higher level Flat.
    Eur/Usd is facing the moment of True at the moment

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    Strategy for upcoming week for EurUsd pair:

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