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    Technical analysis of EUR/JPY dated 28.06.2012

    The currency pair of EUR/JPY will ascend to 101.609 and then will stop there after breaking and passing the descending trend line. The resistance level of 38.2 of Fibonacci is the reason of the stop of the price in that level. When the price breaks this descending trend and will back toward this line.

    When the price reached there, it will stop there (supportive level) and ascend again which is a good opportunity (for buying and entrance to the ascending trend) for using this transformative line. Right now, this EUR/JPY has formed a bottom price in some areas of supportive level. Also, in the daily time frame, some candles with small bodies are formed on 26th and 27th which is the sign of buyers’ wait for lower price. Until when the formed bottom price of 98.773 is kept, we can expect ascend of the price in the chart.


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    EUR/USD ascending or descending

    As we mentioned about the possibility of ascend of the price in our previous technical analysis on 06.27.2012, you can notice that the price has ascended. In a long term period and range we expected ascending and increasing of the price by considering the monthly and weekly time frame. In the monthly time frame the price returned to the higher areas of the chart by touching a supporting line which belongs to 2008. Because this supporting line was successful in increasing the price in 2010, thus, there is the possibility of a successful ascending from this supportive line again.

    In the weekly time frame, the price is located in the blue line of supporting line which was formed from the bottom price. Generally, the price is going to reach to the red supportive line and also the Stoch indicator is in the ascending cycle and therefore we can expect ascend of the price.

    Right now, the price has fallen from the 1.26915 top price (due to the strong and quick ascend, the falling was predictable). Now, the price is between the supportive and resistance lines, as you can see in the below picture, in the 1h timeframe. To continue its ascend; the price should break the red resistance line. Until when the green supportive area is untouched and safe, we can expect ascend of the price and reaching the 1.26915 top price in the first phase.


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    Technical analysis of EUR/CAD

    The EUR/CAD is in the important supporting area after its descending in the recent years. The sellers should have enough power to pass these areas. Right now, the price is located on a supportive line which its bottom price is formed in 2011. This level has prevented the falling of the price on 05.15.2012.

    Right now, in the weekly time frame and by considering the price chart you can see the Bullish Wedge pattern which is located on the supportive line of 2011. This patter is one of the most important reversal pattern of the price and indicates the ascend of the price and the end of the falling process. Until the supportive level of 2011 is not broken, we can expect the ascend of the price in the EUR/CAD chart.


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    Technical analysis of EUR/AUD on 07.05.2012

    The EUR/AUD is in a descending situation and we do not see any sign of reformation and return of the price. Right now, the price is located in the lowest level of itself in the past 20 years. This level belongs to the 07.02.2012. Right now, the price is trying to the green supportive level to reform itself and then start its ascending movement, but because of the pressure of the selling and powerful descending trend, this try has not been successful yet. Right now, the rice is located in the saturation area of sell. In case of keeping the supportive areas, we can expect the reform of the price.


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    Technical analysis of NZDUSD

    The NZDUSD currency pair ascended from the 0.74570 bottom price and it is stopped after recording the 0.80742 level and reaching the descending trend line and resistance levels. Right now, two important resistance levels are preventing ascending of the price. These two levels are:
    1. Transformative level, which consists of two bottom price, and is playing the role of resistance level.
    2. Descending trend line which is consists of two top prices. in case of falling of the price the current top price will form the third point of the descending trend line in the daily time frame.

    The price is located in the saturation sell area and the RSI indicator confirms this state. Also by considering the recent peaks of the price chart and divergence indicator, we notice that they are issuing the warning of the changing in the trend of the market.If the descending candle were closed today, we can hope more ascend of the price. Generally, if the current peak of the price is safe, we can expect more descend of the price and its reform in this chart.


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    Technical analysis of AUD/USD 07.09.2012

    Right now, this currency pair is located in a top price in the daily time frame. The price reordered the 1.03267 level through its previous ascending trend. Currently, the most important resistance level for the price ( all the supportive and resistance level which have round number are important) is the 1.03000 level. This resistance level could influence the price if the ascending trend continued. The buyers can use this level to exit their trades for in short period of time.

    Right now, the price is closed under the average of the last 5 days movement. The price and the RSI indicator are in divergence situation. This situation issued the warning of the falling of the price. Noticing the second current peak of the price which recorded the resistance level of 1.03267, we will see 4 daily candles with small bodies which confirm the tiredness and weakness of the buyer for attempting to reach a higher price than Mayís.

    Right now, the price has reached the ascending trend line during its descending trend. This line has been successful for 3 times in 4h time frame and the price could not pass it. By considering the intense pressure of selling in the daily time frame and closing of the descending candle in the daily time frame, we can expect the possibility of the breaking of the ascending trendís line and passing of the price from this line.


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    Technical analysis of USD/CAD 07.10.2012

    The USD/CAD stopped when it reached the drawn red resistance line. It was not able to pass the lien and started its falling. This resistance line is taken from the supportive blue line which has prevented the falling of the price three times. This currency pair is located in the descending channel. If the price ascended, this line would be the next most important resistance line of the channel. Right now, the price has formed the 1.01869 bottom price and the buyers are trying to take the 1.02196 resistance level.


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    Gold between the Supportive and resistance lines

    Right now, the gold is located between the important supportive and resistance areas. These levels had leaded the price to the ascending and descending trends several times. Right now, as you can see in the below picture, the price started its falling and it has been stopped after reaching the descending trend’s line on 3rd of July. After reaching, the price formed the third point of the descending trend and during its return the price has been stopped by reaching the blue supportive lien. Right now, the formed bottom price is stable and the buyers hope for ascending of the price, reaching and passing the descending trend’s line.


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    Technical analysis of GBP/CHF 07.12.2012

    Right now, the ascending trend of GBP/CHF currency pair has been stopped and it is not able to reach the higher prices. The price has recorded the 1.52538 level during its ascending trend. The shape of candle is closed like Doji Pattern because of the movement of the price in last day. This candle issues the warning of the formation of atop price. this pattern is located on the red line of resistance trend which consists of two resistance points which right now is preventing the ascend of the price.

    Also, the Stoch indicator is located in the saturation buy are and show the potential of falling of the price.

    An ideal harmonic pattern AB=CD

    In the daily time frame we can find the harmonic pattern of AB=CD in an ideal situation which has the ratios of 61.8=161.8 and right now, is issuing the warning of falling of the price. By the way, until when the formed peak of the price is maintained, we can expect the falling and reform of the price.


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    Technical analysis of EUR/JPY 07.18.2012

    After recording the 96.154 level during the descending trend, the falling movement of the EUR/JPY will be stopped and will form a bottom price. The current bottom price will be formed on the transformative line (which has been descending trend line). This bottom price consists of three resistance points and also two supportive bottoms. Right now, this supportive bottom is supporting the 96.154 level.

    Right now, in the daily time frame, an ascending harmonic pattern of Bat has been formed due to the movement of the price in the chart. This pattern is issuing the warning of starting of an ascending trend and finish of the falling of the price. Also, Stoch indicator is located in the saturation area of sell and is confirming the ideal harmonic by considering the next cycle.

    By considering the formed technical pattern, we can expect ascend and increase of the price until point D is untouched.


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