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Thread: Analytics from Fibo Group

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    Default Analytics from Fibo Group

    Daily analytics from the experts of Fibo Group

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    The dollar is the strongest currency

    The flight of investors to a safe place leaves behind all currencies except the US dollar and Gold. The funds were simply forced to leave Asia and in search of security in the US dollar, gold and bonds.
    #AUDUSD was trading at an 11-year low of $ 0.6603.
    #NZDUSD - at a four-month low of $ 0.6310.
    #USDJPY has grown 2% in the past two days due to weak Japanese economic data and concerns about the coronavirus.
    #EURUSD this week dropped to a 3-year low and is trading at $ 1.0794.
    #XAUUSD is trading at 7-year highs.
    #UST yield on 10-year treasury bonds below 1.5%.
    In the current situation, the US economy is simply less prone to any slowdown in world trade, and for the foreign exchange market it is the US dollar that is an obvious candidate. This will be the main reason for the new purchase of the dollar against the euro in the near future.

    Trade with the Fibo Group!

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