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Thread: Analytics from Fibo Group

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    American chaos and weak PMI

    Riots intensify in the US. Clashes between protesters and police continued in the country's largest cities from New York to Los Angeles, forcing Inc. restrict delivery and Apple Inc. to close some stores.

    Refined business activity index (PMI) of manufacturing industries:
    - In China a decline to 50.6 is shown, although forecasts spoke of growth.
    - Europe is definitely slowly recovering: PMI of manufacturing in the entire Eurozone has grown to 39.4 from 33.4.
    - In the UK, business activity is recovering a little faster than in Europe (up to 40.7 from 32.6).

    We believe that the recovery of the Chinese economy will continue, but friction with the United States increases uncertainty. The strongest data seems to come from the UK. This is an occasion worthy of growth for #GBPUSD this week.
    Trade with the Fibo Group!

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    U.S. riots: curfews and troops imposed in 40 US cities

    - US authorities impose curfews in major cities due to riots that began with protests against the killing of an African American by police in Minneapolis, and ended with looting and vandalism from Seattle to New York.
    - US authorities are ready to use the armed forces to restore order in the country, said President Donald Trump. Trump tells 'weak' governors to 'dominate' streets amid protests.
    Due to the fact that the protests are predominantly in densely populated cities, it is more likely that this will not have any strong impact on the economy. However, a slight local strengthening of the US dollar is possible against the background of profit taking by large funds.
    Trade with the Fibo Group!

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    Russia and Saudi Arabia extend oil agreement

    Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed on the need to extend the maximum level of reduction in oil production at OPEC+ by at least one month. Future plans will depend on the market situation.
    And the situation is not so good.

    The OPEC+ negotiations scheduled for June 4 are postponed due to Iraq and Nigeria's failure to comply with their quotas. Iraqi temporary oil minister Ali Allawi referred to "technical problems", so his country was not able to reduce production to an agreed limit. As a result, due to saboteurs the meeting on June 4 will not take place. Only the technical committee will work. Together with the cancellation of the meeting, the opportunity to formulate delivery schedules and prices for July are postponed. Uncertainty in the oil market will continue until June 9-10 along with a possible local correction in quotes.

    Lower oil prices will provoke a local weakening of CAD, NZD, AUD and the strengthening of the US dollar. In major currency pairs, this will result in a possible correction.
    Trade with the Fibo Group!

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