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Thread: Technical analysis by ChartSecret

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    The analysis chart seems to be good.

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    Default 190 Pips Channel at USD\JPY

    190 pips Channel has appeared at the USD\JPY currency pair. IT is a very precise pattern that upon breakout will yield a massive profit of 190 pips.
    It can also be defined as a Flag as the previous downtrend is very strong - meaning that short trades will be even stronger as trading signals.

    How To Trade
    -Wait for pullback to Support trendline after the breakout

    Target for breakout is 190 pips from the price of pullback.

    Analysis: Precise Channel at USD\JPY |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-29-07-09-usdjpy-channel-jpg 

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    Default USD\JPY Daily Analysis

    The USD\JPY is facing a Asymmetric Triangle pattern at the 15-minutes chart. Pattern is strong as Support has been tested for 7 times. We would expect price to break down the Support level and reach its target which is approximately 94.30.
    Wait for price to break out, and enter short trade at pullback to the Support level. Target is 50 pips from pullback zone.

    Daily USD\JPY Analysis |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-30-07-09-usdjpy-asy-triangle-jpg 

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    USD/CAD once again fails below 1.1123 resistance and retreated. Break of 1.1004 minor support turns intraday outlook neutral again. On the downside, further break of 1.0870 minor support will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 1.0718 support. As noted before, break there will indicate that price actions from 1.0631 are merely consolidation in the larger decline, which is still in progress for another low below 1.0631 before completion. On the upside, break of 1.1123 resistance will confirm that whole rally from 1.0631 has resumed and affirm the case that USD/CAD has indeed bottomed out already. In such case, stronger rise should be seen to 1.1723 resistance next.[actionforex]

    P&F USDCAD5 Box Size 10X3 or(0.27%) HI/LO
    Data 1.1101 - 1.0791 ~ 0 Month ~ 7.27 Day
    Database 1508 records 1.10269 (Last Close)
    2009-08-28 00~50
    2009-09-04 07~25
    (GMT+01:00) Paris

    BJF Trading Group

    1.1110|~1O|||_____________________________________ _____________________________|-0.08%|2.96%
    1.1100|~2O|||===================================== =====x=======================|0.01%|2.86%
    1.1090|~3O|||______________x______________________ _____x_o_x___________________|0.1%|2.77%
    1.1080|~4O|||______________x_o____________________ _____x_o_x_o_________________|0.19%|2.68%
    1.1070|~5O|||______________x_o____________________ _____x_o_x_o_x___x___x_______|0.28%|2.59%
    1.1060|~6O|||______________x_o____________________ _x___x_o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x_o_____|0.37%|2.49%
    1.1050|~7O|||______________x_o_________________x__ _x_o_x_o___o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x___|0.46%|2.4%
    1.1040|~8O|||______________x_o_________________x_o _x_o_x_____o_x_o_x_o___o_x_o_|0.55%|2.31%
    1.1030|~9O|||______________x_o_________________x_o _x_o_x_____o___o_x_____o_x_o_|0.64%|2.21%
    1.1020|~1OO||==============x=o=================x=o ===o=x=========o=x=====o===o=|0.73%|2.12%
    1.1010|~11O||______________x_o_x_______________x__ ___o___________o_x___________|0.82%|2.03%
    1.1000|~12O||______________x_o_x_o_____________x__ _______________o_x___________|0.91%|1.94%
    1.0990|~13O||______________x_o_x_o_________x___x__ _______________o_x___________|1%|1.84%
    1.0980|~14O||______________x_o___o_________x_o_x__ _______________o_x___________|1.09%|1.75%
    1.0970|~15O||==============x=====o=x===x===x=o=x== ===============o=============|1.18%|1.66%
    1.0960|~16O||______________x_____o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x__ _____________________________|1.27%|1.57%
    1.0950|~17O||__________x___x_____o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x__ _____________________________|1.36%|1.47%
    1.0940|~18O||__________x_o_x_____o___o_x_o___o_x__ _____________________________|1.45%|1.38%
    1.0930|~19O||______x___x_o_x_________o_x_____o_x__ _____________________________|1.54%|1.29%
    1.0920|~2OO||______x_o_x_o_x_________o_x_____o_x__ _____________________________|1.63%|1.2%
    1.0910|~21O||______x_o_x_o___________o_x_____o____ _____________________________|1.72%|1.1%
    1.0900|~22O||______x_o_______________o_x__________ _____________________________|1.81%|1.01%
    1.0890|~23O||______x_________________o_x__________ _____________________________|1.9%|0.92%
    1.0880|~24O||o=====x=================o============ =============================|1.99%|0.82%
    1.0870|~25O||o_____x______________________________ _____________________________|2.08%|0.73%
    1.0860|~26O||o_____x______________________________ _____________________________|2.17%|0.64%
    1.0850|~27O||o_x___x______________________________ _____________________________|2.26%|0.55%
    1.0840|~28O||o_x_o_x______________________________ _____________________________|2.35%|0.45%
    1.0830|~29O||o_x_o_x______________________________ _____________________________|2.44%|0.36%
    1.0820|~3OO||o_x_o_x______________________________ _____________________________|2.53%|0.27%
    1.0810|~31O||o_x_o________________________________ _____________________________|2.62%|0.18%
    1.0800|~32O||o==================================== =============================|2.71%|0.08%
    1.0790|~33O||_____________________________________ _____________________________|2.8%|-0.01%
    Column|~34O||9_5_4_123_5_4_18113_7_3_9_9_3_5_8_143 _4_5_9_5_4_6_4_10103_3_5_3_3_|

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Default FOREX Analysis: Double Bottom & Descending Triangle

    Two very nice patterns has appeared today on the USD\CAD and EUR\TRY. First one is the Double Bottom at the USD\CAD - a very precise pattern that signals the beginning of an uptrend. Pattern's size is 30 pips and this is the projected profit from the Long trade.

    EUR\TRY has created a possible Descending Triangle that can signal a bearish movement upon a breakout of its neckline.

    Full Analysis:
    Double Bottom and Descending Triangle |

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    Default Wedge Reversal - EUR\USD

    A Wedge pattern is now present at the EUR\USD major pair. The Wedge is a pattern that consists of two trendlines that are congesting, and leads to a reversal in trend. Unlike channel, which is a sign of strength and health of trend, the wedge shows that the trend is about to reverse.

    Enter short if price reaches the high of 1.4620 and reverses. Target is at least the beginning of the wedge.

    Wedge Reversal at EURUSD |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-eurusd-13-09-09-wedge-jpg 

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    Default Megaphone Chart Pattern - AUD\USD

    A Megaphone chart pattern has appeared at the AUD\USD pair. Megaphone or Broadening Top, is a reversal chart pattern that consists of two expanding trend lines that bound price.
    It is a reliable reversal pattern with big profit potential, as it is 140 pips in size.

    In case of breakout, enter trade in the breakout direction. Target will be 140 pips.
    In case price touches the Resistance trendline, enter Short trade.

    Source of Analysis:
    AUDUSD Megaphone |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-audusd-megaphone-jpg 

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    Default USDCHF Double Bottom

    A bullish signal may be present at the USDCHF, after a long and strong downtrend. That signal is a Double Bottom pattern. This pattern consists of two touches of the same support level, that indicate that buyers are strong and will push prices higher. It is a reliable pattern with 73% success rate.
    However, this particular pattern is present after a strong downtrend, so we will take a Long trade only after neckline is broken and a pullback occurs. Target for the trade is 50 pips.

    USDCHF Double Bottom |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-usdchf-double-bottom-21-09-09-jpg 

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    Default AUD\USD Channel - Easy 50 Pips

    Channel Chart Pattern has formed at the AUD\USD pair - 48 pips in size. Lately, price seems to be losing momentum, about to break the support level of the channel. The channel was formed near strong resistance at 0.8800 which is a strong round level with high potential of stopping the uptrend.

    Enter Short at breakout of Support and pullback to the level. Target is 48 pips from the Support level.

    Analysis Source:
    AUDUSD Channel - 50 Pips |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-audusd-channel-23-09-09-jpg 

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    Default EUR\USD Double Top - Easy 110 Pips

    Chart: 1-Hour Chart
    Pattern: Double Top
    Size: 110 pips.
    Description: Double Top pattern has formed at the EUR\USD hourly chart. Price has broken the neckline and now performing a pullback.

    Trading: Enter short after pullback is confirmed, take profit is 110 pips from entry rice.

    Analysis Source:
    EUR\USD Double Top |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-eurusd-double-top-25-09-09-jpg 

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