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    Default Weekly Forex Analysis

    A wedge pattern appeared at the EUR\USD and is expected to bring to a reversal downwards. The 1.4800 level serves as a strong support level and will push prices higher if price reaches it.

    USD\CHF is in a bearish formation - the USD\CHF. However, there is a possibility of a breakout upwards - possibility that is confirmed by the downward movement in the EUR\USD. If price breaks the 1.000 support, wait for pullback to enter short.

    Full Analysis (USD\CAD and AUD\USD):
    October 24th: Weekly Forex Analysis | Forex Analysis

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    Default AUDUSD: Triple Top (100 Pips)

    AUD\USD has created a wonderful pattern at the hourly chart - a precise Triple Top at the highest high. This pattern, especially at this location, can lead to an overall shift of trend to a strong bearish movement. Pattern is 100 pips in size and neckline is positioned at 0.9200.

    Trading: Aggressive traders will enter short at breakout, conservative ones will wait for pullback. This should be a very profitable trade with high Risk:Reward.

    More Chart Analysis: | Trading Chart Patterns for Profits
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-audusd-triple-top-24-10-09-jpg 

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    Default 800 Pips Triangle in EUR\JPY

    EURJPY is in a precise asymmetric triangle pattern - which is expected to break upwards. Long trades will be taken on pullback to the Resistance, and on the Support level.

    October 28th: Triangle in EUR\JPY | Forex Analysis

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    Default USD\JPY Head & Shoulders Reversal (135 Pips)

    A Head & Shoulders pattern has formed at the USD\JPY. This is the most reliable and consistent reversal pattern - it leads to reversal at 95% of trades and is considered 'the king of chart patterns'. Price has already broken the neckline and we would wait for a pullback to join the trade. Target will be 135 pips from the location of the pullback.

    USD\JPY Head & Shoulders Reversal (135 Pips) |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-usdjpy-head-shoulders-31-10-09-jpg 

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    Default Weekly Forex Analysis

    The USD\CHF has initiated a bullish trend with a strong momentum, but has stopped at 1.0300 Resistance. It retraced to 50.0 of the previous uptrend before continuing with strong momentum. It is expected to break the previous high and continue the uptrend.

    The AUD\USD had broken the Triple Top that we have identified last week, and has reached the target and continued for several hundred pips. It is now in a descending channel with a very strong Resistance trend line which has been tested for 4 times. We would expect continuation of the downtrend - and will join it when price touches the Resistance trend line.

    Full Analysis:
    Weekly Forex Analysis: USD – Bullish, AUD\USD – Bearish Channel | Forex Analysis

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    USD/CAD's rise from 1.0205 extended further to as high as 1.0846 last week and closed strongly. Initial bias will remains on the upside this week and further rise should be seen to 1.1123 resistance next. On the downside, below 1.0652 support will indicate that a short term top might be in place and bring pull back. But downside is expected to be contained well above 1.0205 low and bring rally resumption.[actionforex]
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Default How to Trade Wedge Pattern

    The Wedge pattern is a very popular chart pattern that is present at almost all FOREX pairs. It is also a reliable one, as it win probability is at 78% percent - a impressive percent. However, the method of trading it consistently and in profitable fashion is obscure to most traders. In this article you will learn how to trade it like a professional trader.

    Read more:
    Technical Analysis in FOREX: Wedge Chart Pattern

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    Default EUR\USD: Pennant Pattern (70 Pips)

    A Pennant chart pattern is now present at the major pair of EUR\USD. This is a strong continuation pattern that leads to a continuation upwards. It may also be identified as a Ascending Triangle which is even stronger - and leads to a bullish breakout.

    Pattern is 70 pips in size and should be traded in the following way: When price breaks upwards traders can take long trade. Conservative traders will enter at the pullback to the Resistance.

    More analysis:
    EUR\USD: Pennant Pattern (70 Pips) |
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-eurusd-continuation-08-11-09-jpg 

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    Default Bullish Megaphone in EURUSD

    EUR\USD is highly likely to continue the strong uptrend despite the slowing momentum. This is due to two chartist signals:
    1. Precise 38.2 Fibonacci Retracement that took place few hours ago, which is a strong continuation signal.
    2. Megaphone pattern - which is a reliable chart pattern that also increases the possibility of a breakout upwards and continuation of the uptrend.

    Long trade will be signaled if price touches the support line and bounces. Long trade will also be triggered when price breaks the resistance line.

    Forex Analysis
    Attached Images Attached Images Technical analysis by ChartSecret-eurusd-forex-analysis-11-11-09-jpg 

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    USD/CAD Daily Outlook
    Intraday bias in USD/CAD remains on the downside with 1.0532 minor resistance intact. Correction from 1.0851 is still in progress for 100% projection of 1.0851 to 1.0416 from 1.0748 at 1.0313. But downside should be contained above 1.0205 low to conclude the correction. On the upside, above 1.0532 will turn intraday bias neutral first and turn focus back to 1.0748 resistance instead.[actionforex]

    "P&F USDCAD1440 Box Size 225X3 or(5.38%) HI/LO
    Data 1.6054 - 0.9056 ~ 91 Month ~ 2772 Day
    Database 1974 records 1.05026 (Last Close)
    2002-05-01 00~00
    2009-12-02 00~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    1.6200|~225||_____________________________________ ___|-0.91%|78.89%
    1.5975|~45O||x____________________________________ ___|0.49%|76.4%
    1.5750|~675||x_o__________________________________ ___|1.89%|73.92%
    1.5525|~9OO||x_o__________________________________ ___|3.3%|71.43%
    1.5300|~1125|x_o__________________________________ ___|4.7%|68.95%
    1.5075|~135O|__o__________________________________ ___|6.1%|66.46%
    1.4850|~1575|__o__________________________________ ___|7.5%|63.98%
    1.4625|~18OO|__o__________________________________ ___|8.9%|61.5%
    1.4400|~2O25|__o__________________________________ ___|10.3%|59.01%
    1.4175|~225O|__o_x________________________________ ___|11.7%|56.53%
    1.3950|~2475|__o_x_o_x____________________________ ___|13.11%|54.04%
    1.3725|~27OO|__o_x_o_x_o__________________________ ___|14.51%|51.56%
    1.3500|~2925|__o___o_x_o__________________________ ___|15.91%|49.07%
    1.3275|~315O|______o_x_o__________________________ ___|17.31%|46.59%
    1.3050|~3375|______o_x_o_____________________x____ ___|18.71%|44.1%
    1.2825|~36OO|______o___o_________x___x___x___x_o__ ___|20.11%|41.62%
    1.2600|~3825|__________o_x_______x_o_x_o_x_o_x_o__ ___|21.51%|39.13%
    1.2375|~4O5O|__________o_x_o_____x_o_x_o_x_o_x_o__ ___|22.92%|36.65%
    1.2150|~4275|__________o_x_o_____x_o_x_o___o_x_o__ ___|24.32%|34.17%
    1.1925|~45OO|__________o___o_____x_o_x_____o___o__ ___|25.72%|31.68%
    1.1700|~4725|______________o_x___x_o_x_________o_x ___|27.12%|29.2%
    1.1475|~495O|______________o_x_o_x_o___________o_x _o_|28.52%|26.71%
    1.1250|~5175|______________o_x_o_x_____________o_x _o_|29.92%|24.23%
    1.1025|~54OO|______________o___o_x_____________o_x _o_|31.33%|21.74%
    1.0800|~5625|__________________o_x_____________o__ _o_|32.73%|19.26%
    1.0575|~585O|__________________o_x________________ _o_|34.13%|16.77%
    1.0350|~6O75|__________________o_x________________ _o_|35.53%|14.29%
    1.0125|~63OO|__________________o_x________________ ___|36.93%|11.8%
    0.9900|~6525|__________________o_x________________ ___|38.33%|9.32%
    0.9675|~675O|__________________o_x________________ ___|39.73%|6.84%
    0.9450|~6975|__________________o_x________________ ___|41.14%|4.35%
    0.9225|~72OO|__________________o__________________ ___|42.54%|1.87%
    0.9000|~7425|_____________________________________ ___|43.94%|-0.62%
    Column|~765O|4_113_6_5_9_3_7_3_11166_6_3_3_4_5_104 _6_|

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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