Point and Figure Charting in Forex
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Thread: Point and Figure Charting in Forex

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    Default Point and Figure Charting in Forex

    Point & Figure For Forex.

    Before jumping into this market, however, we must understand the
    factors that affect the forex market.

    Here’s an age-old charting technique that you can use effectively in
    the foreign exchange markets.

    See pictures.

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    Since April, the value of the U.S. dollar (USD) has steadily lost value against the Japanese yen (JPY). Across the Asia Pacific, the USD/JPY cross rate remains a key barometer of a two-way play of global economic fundamentals and risk aversion.

    This barometer has experienced many high and low points in the last 26 months. In June 2007, the USD/JPY traded a five-year high of 124.16 to the USD. As far as the fundamentals were concerned, that five-year high was more about a weaker yen, than a stronger U.S. dollar. Over these 26 months, through better and worse, USD/JPY has declined as the yen has appreciated 25 percent against the U.S. dollar.

    This 25 percent decline in USD/JPY is illustrated in Chart 1, with the initial change of trend signal appearing soon after the USD/JPY five-year high in June 2007. The red line over the price bars illustrate the MACD predictor (referred to as DiNapoliMP or “DiNapoli MACD predictor”). The regular DiNapoli MACD is shown at the bottom the chart.

    The mechanics of the predictor are relatively simple. As shown in the chart when the price of USD/JPY fell below the red line on the price axis (MACD predictor), the corresponding trend as shown on the regular DiNapoli MACD is bearish (the MACD line is below the blue MACD signal line). The advantage of the MACD predictor is it gives a specific point reading on the price axis when the trend on the regular MACD is turning up or down ahead of market action. That price point for mid 2007 was a close below 118.60 for a confirmed bearish trend.

    Excel_USDJPY_31 EYARS
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    The GBP/JPY pair declined sharply, reaching the first objective of the short term bearish scenario at 148.35. Presently, it is re-testing the key resistance level of 150.60, while forming a Gap. We think that the mentioned gap is to be covered over the intraday basis around 149.30 zones. A break will confirm the potential downside continuation of the short term Elliott sequence. The secondary image shows that, a bearish engulfing candlestick pattern is supporting our overview.
    Trading range for today is among key support at 145.50 and key resistance at 154.60.
    The general trend is to the downside as far as 167.40 remains intact with target at 116.00.
    Support: 150.00, 149.35, 148.60, 147.80, 146.85
    Resistance: 150.60, 151.25, 151.75, 152.30, 153.40
    Recommendation Based on the charts and explanations above our opinion is, selling the pair from 150.60 targeting 148.70 and stop loss above 151.75 might be appropriate.[actionforex]

    "P&F GBPJPY240 Box Size 320X3 or(5.75%) HI/LO
    Data 214.92 - 118.785 ~ 16 Month ~ 472.33 Day
    Database 2000 records 151.325 (Last Close)
    2008-07-25 00~00
    2009-11-09 08~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    217.60|~32O||_____________________________________ _|-1.25%|83.19%
    214.40|~64O||x_o__________________________________ _|0.24%|80.49%
    211.20|~96O||__o__________________________________ _|1.73%|77.8%
    208.00|~128O|__o__________________________________ _|3.22%|75.11%
    204.80|~16OO|__o__________________________________ _|4.71%|72.41%
    201.60|~192O|__o__________________________________ _|6.2%|69.72%
    198.40|~224O|__o__________________________________ _|7.69%|67.02%
    195.20|~256O|__o_x________________________________ _|9.18%|64.33%
    192.00|~288O|__o_x_o______________________________ _|10.66%|61.64%
    188.80|~32OO|__o_x_o______________________________ _|12.15%|58.94%
    185.60|~352O|__o___o______________________________ _|13.64%|56.25%
    182.40|~384O|______o______________________________ _|15.13%|53.55%
    179.20|~416O|______o_x____________________________ _|16.62%|50.86%
    176.00|~448O|______o_x_o__________________________ _|18.11%|48.17%
    172.80|~48OO|______o_x_o__________________________ _|19.6%|45.47%
    169.60|~512O|______o_x_o__________________________ _|21.09%|42.78%
    166.40|~544O|______o___o__________________________ _|22.58%|40.09%
    163.20|~576O|__________o_____x____________________ _|24.06%|37.39%
    160.00|~6O8O|==========o=====x=o=========x===x==== =|25.55%|34.7%
    156.80|~64OO|__________o_____x_o_________x_o_x_o__ _|27.04%|32%
    153.60|~672O|__________o_____x_o_________x_o_x_o__ _|28.53%|29.31%
    150.40|~7O4O|__________o_x___x_o_____x___x_o_x_o_x _|30.02%|26.62%
    147.20|~736O|__________o_x_o_x_o_____x_o_x_o___o_x _|31.51%|23.92%
    144.00|~768O|__________o_x_o_x_o_____x_o_x_____o_x _|33%|21.23%
    140.80|~8OOO|==========o===o===o=x===x=o=======o== =|34.49%|18.53%
    137.60|~832O|__________________o_x_o_x____________ _|35.98%|15.84%
    134.40|~864O|__________________o_x_o_x____________ _|37.47%|13.15%
    131.20|~896O|__________________o___o_x____________ _|38.95%|10.45%
    128.00|~928O|______________________o_x____________ _|40.44%|7.76%
    124.80|~96OO|______________________o_x____________ _|41.93%|5.06%
    121.60|~992O|______________________o______________ _|43.42%|2.37%
    118.40|~1O24|_____________________________________ _|44.91%|-0.32%
    Column|~1O56|1_103_9_4_123_3_7_103_6_9_3_6_4_4_6_3 _|

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Intraday bias in EUR/CHF remains neutral for the moment. But still with 1.5102 support intact, we're favoring the bullish case that choppy fall from 1.5238 has completed at 1.5080 already. Above 1.5145 will bring rise resumption to 1.5238 resistance first. Nevertheless, break of 1.5102 minor support will dampen this immediate bullish view and indicate that another fall could still be seen to 1.5076 and below before concluding recent consolidations.
    In the bigger picture, firstly, price actions from 1.5446 are treated as consolidation to rise from 1.4577 only and such rise is expected to resume sooner or later to test 1.5880 resistance. Secondly, the corrective structure of the fall from 1.5880 to 1.4577 indicates that it's a correction to medium term rise from 1.4315. Rise from 1.4577 is tentatively treated as resumption of rally from 1.4315. Hence we're expecting an eventual break of 1.5880 as rise from 1.4315 resumes. In other words, we're favoring the case that long term down trend from 1.6826 has completed at 1.4315 already. We'll hold on to this bullish view as long as 1.5007 support remains intact.[actionforex]

    "P&F EURCHF1440 Box Size 80X4 or(2.06%) HI/LO
    Data 1.6827 - 1.4315 ~ 48 Month ~ 1477 Day
    Database 1050 records 1.50417 (Last Close)
    2005-11-10 00~00
    2009-11-26 00~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    1.6800|~8O|||____X___________________________|0.16 %|17.36%
    1.6720|~16O||____XoX_________________________|0.64 %|16.8%
    1.6640|~24O||__X_XoXo________________________|1.11 %|16.24%
    1.6560|~32O||__XoXoXo________________________|1.59 %|15.68%
    1.6480|~4OO||__XoXoXo________________________|2.06 %|15.12%
    1.6400|~48O||__XoXoXo________________________|2.54 %|14.57%
    1.6320|~56O||__XoXo_o__X_X___________________|3.01 %|14.01%
    1.6240|~64O||__Xo___o__XoXo__________________|3.49 %|13.45%
    1.6160|~72O||__X____oX_XoXo__________________|3.96 %|12.89%
    1.6080|~8OO||__X____oXoXoXo__________________|4.44 %|12.33%
    1.6000|~88O||__X____oXoXo_o__________________|4.91 %|11.77%
    1.5920|~96O||__X____oXoX__o__________________|5.39 %|11.21%
    1.5840|~1O4O|X_X____o_oX__o________X_________|5.87 %|10.65%
    1.5760|~112O|XoX______oX__o________Xo________|6.34 %|10.09%
    1.5680|~12OO|XoX______oX__o________Xo________|6.82 %|9.54%
    1.5600|~128O|XoX______oX__o________Xo________|7.29 %|8.98%
    1.5520|~136O|Xo_______oX__oX_____X_Xo________|7.77 %|8.42%
    1.5440|~144O|X________oX__oXo____XoXo____X___|8.24 %|7.86%
    1.5360|~152O|_________o___oXo____XoXo____XoX_|8.72 %|7.3%
    1.5280|~16OO|_____________oXo____XoXo____XoXo|9.19 %|6.74%
    1.5200|~168O|_____________oXo____Xo_o____XoXo|9.67 %|6.18%
    1.5120|~176O|_____________o_o__X_X__oX_X_XoXo|10.1 4%|5.62%
    1.5040|~184O|_______________o__XoX__oXoXoXo_o|10.6 2%|5.06%
    1.4960|~192O|_______________o__XoX__oXoXoX___|11.1 %|4.51%
    1.4880|~2OOO|_______________oX_XoX__oXoXoX___|11.5 7%|3.95%
    1.4800|~2O8O|_______________oXoXoX__o_oXoX___|12.0 5%|3.39%
    1.4720|~216O|_______________oXoXo_____o_oX___|12.5 2%|2.83%
    1.4640|~224O|_______________oXoX________o____|13%| 2.27%
    1.4560|~232O|_______________oXo______________|13.4 7%|1.71%
    1.4480|~24OO|_______________oX_______________|13.9 5%|1.15%
    1.4400|~248O|_______________oX_______________|14.4 2%|0.59%
    1.4320|~256O|_______________o________________|14.9 %|0.03%
    1.4240|~264O|________________________________|15.3 7%|-0.52%

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    European debt concerns will subside, eventually

    The past week started off with a Fitch ratings downgrade of Greece followed by S&P moving Spain's credit outlook to negative, though its ratings were affirmed. The moves rattled investors' nerves and weighed on the EUR and other European currencies. The financial media filed the obligatory 'risk of a sovereign debt default' and the 'euro could come undone' stories, adding to concerns on Europe. However, we think the ratings moves are simply a short-term blow to sentiment which dovetailed nicely with the Euro cresting at the beginning of December. There is little immediate concern of a debt default as seen in Greek government debt yields, which while about 2% higher than German yields, are not in panic territory at about 5.2%. Indeed, should the worst come to pass it would likely only be later next year and lead to a rescue package from the IMF or the EU. European leaders were consistent in admonishing the most deficit-heavy countries to address budget issues urgently, and leaders of those nations' seemed to get the message, but they also indicated that they would mutually address any terminal credit crisis. As for the fate of the EUR, there is zero chance of EMU coming undone or Greece being thrown overboard, given treaty obligations. In that sense, the impact on the EUR is largely psychological, but that doesn't mean it can't weigh on the common currency further, which is why we also see scope for further EUR weakness ahead. We think fears may begin to subside in the New Year as investors conclude the risks are overblown and assets get put back to work in the new calendar year.[Written by Forex.com]

    "P&F EUR_Day_MIX Box Size 48X3 or(1.44%) CLOSE
    Data 107.357 - 92.9315 ~ 49 Month ~ 1477 Day
    Database 1050 records 100 (Last Close)
    2005-11-25 00~00
    2009-12-11 00~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    107.52|~48||______________________________________ ________________|-0.15%|15.7%
    107.04|~96||______________________________x___x___ ________________|0.3%|15.18%
    106.56|~144|______________________________x_o_x_o_ ________________|0.74%|14.67%
    106.08|~192|______________________________x_o_x_o_ ________________|1.19%|14.15%
    105.60|~24O|______________________________x_o___o_ ________________|1.64%|13.63%
    105.12|~288|______________________________x_____o_ ________________|2.08%|13.12%
    104.64|~336|______________________________x_____o_ ________________|2.53%|12.6%
    104.16|~384|______________________________x_____o_ x_______________|2.98%|12.08%
    103.68|~432|______________________________x_____o_ x_o_____________|3.43%|11.57%
    103.20|~48O|______________x_______________x_____o_ x_o_____________|3.87%|11.05%
    102.72|~528|__________x___x_o_____________x_____o_ x_o_____________|4.32%|10.53%
    102.24|~576|__________x_o_x_o_____________x_____o_ x_o_x___x_______|4.77%|10.02%
    101.76|~624|__________x_o_x_o_____x___x___x_____o_ x_o_x_o_x_o_____|5.21%|9.5%
    101.28|~672|__________x_o_x_o_x___x_o_x_o_x_____o_ x_o_x_o_x_o_x___|5.66%|8.98%
    100.80|~72O|__________x_o___o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x_____o_ x_o_x_o___o_x_o_|6.11%|8.47%
    100.32|~768|______x___x_____o_x_o_x_o_x_o_x_____o_ x_o_______o_x_o_|6.55%|7.95%
    99.84|~816||______x_o_x_____o___o_x_o_x_o_______o_ __________o___o_|7%|7.43%
    99.36|~864||______x_o_x_________o_x_o_x___________ ________________|7.45%|6.92%
    98.88|~912||______x_o_x_________o___o_x___________ ________________|7.9%|6.4%
    98.40|~96O||__x___x_o_______________o_x___________ ________________|8.34%|5.88%
    97.92|~1OO8|__x_o_x_________________o_x___________ ________________|8.79%|5.37%
    97.44|~1O56|__x_o_x_________________o_____________ ________________|9.24%|4.85%
    96.96|~11O4|__x_o_________________________________ ________________|9.68%|4.33%
    96.48|~1152|__x___________________________________ ________________|10.13%|3.82%
    96.00|~12OO|__x___________________________________ ________________|10.58%|3.3%
    95.52|~1248|__x___________________________________ ________________|11.03%|2.79%
    95.04|~1296|__x___________________________________ ________________|11.47%|2.27%
    94.56|~1344|__x___________________________________ ________________|11.92%|1.75%
    94.08|~1392|__x___________________________________ ________________|12.37%|1.24%
    93.60|~144O|o_x___________________________________ ________________|12.81%|0.72%
    93.12|~1488|o_x___________________________________ ________________|13.26%|0.2%
    92.64|~1536|o_____________________________________ ________________|13.71%|-0.31%
    Column||||||3_123_7_4_9_4_5_7_3_5_6_9_9_4_153_3_15 9_8_4_3_3_5_3_3_|

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    GBP/JPY's recovery extended further to as high as 146.89 last week. But after all, it's still limited by 147.43 resistance and we're holding on to the bearish view. That is, choppy recovery from 141.99 is treated as correction to fall from 149.15 only. A break below 143.12 minor support will suggest that such recovery is completed and will flip intraday bias back to the downside. Further break of 141.99 will target 139.26 support next. However, note that break of 147.43 will dampen this immediate bearish view and suggest that rise from 139.26 is still in progress for another high above 149.15 before completion.[actionforex]

    "P&F GBPJPY1440 Box Size 440X3 or(7.08%) HI/LO
    Data 250.2 - 122.42 ~ 48 Month ~ 1477 Day
    Database 1050 records 145.761 (Last Close)
    2005-12-05 00~00
    2009-12-21 00~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    246.40|~88O||______x___x_o_____________________|1. 52%|101.27%
    242.00|~132O|______x_o_x_o_____________________|3. 28%|97.68%
    237.60|~176O|__x___x_o___o_x___________________|5. 04%|94.09%
    233.20|~22OO|__x_o_x_____o_x_o_________________|6. 79%|90.49%
    228.80|~264O|__x_o_x_____o_x_o_________________|8. 55%|86.9%
    224.40|~3O8O|__x_o_______o_x_o_________________|10 .31%|83.3%
    220.00|~352O|__x_________o___o_________________|12 .07%|79.71%
    215.60|~396O|__x_____________o_x_______________|13 .83%|76.12%
    211.20|~44OO|o_x_____________o_x_o_____________|15 .59%|72.52%
    206.80|~484O|o_x_____________o_x_o_____________|17 .35%|68.93%
    202.40|~528O|o_______________o_x_o_____________|19 .1%|65.33%
    198.00|~572O|________________o_x_o_____________|20 .86%|61.74%
    193.60|~616O|________________o___o_____________|22 .62%|58.14%
    189.20|~66OO|____________________o_____________|24 .38%|54.55%
    184.80|~7O4O|____________________o_____________|26 .14%|50.96%
    180.40|~748O|____________________o_x___________|27 .9%|47.36%
    176.00|~792O|____________________o_x_o_________|29 .66%|43.77%
    171.60|~836O|____________________o_x_o_________|31 .41%|40.17%
    167.20|~88OO|____________________o___o_________|33 .17%|36.58%
    162.80|~924O|========================o=x===x===|34 .93%|32.98%
    158.40|~968O|________________________o_x_o_x_o_|36 .69%|29.39%
    154.00|~1O12|________________________o_x_o_x_o_|38 .45%|25.8%
    149.60|~1O56|________________________o_x_o_x_o_|40 .21%|22.2%
    145.20|~11OO|________________________o_x_o_x_o_|41 .97%|18.61%
    140.80|~1144|========================o===o=x=o=|43 .73%|15.01%
    136.40|~1188|____________________________o_x___|45 .48%|11.42%
    132.00|~1232|____________________________o_x___|47 .24%|7.83%
    127.60|~1276|____________________________o_x___|49 %|4.23%
    123.20|~132O|____________________________o_x___|50 .76%|0.64%
    118.80|~1364|____________________________o_____|52 .52%|-2.96%

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    2010 Currency Outlook: USD

    After strong rallies in 2008 and early 2009, USD peaked in March. In order to combat the worst recession since the World War II, the Fed reduced the policy rate to an unprecedentedly low level and implemented a series of quantitative easing policies. The 'twin deficits' problem (current account and fiscal deficits) has put USD's status as the reserve currency at risks and triggered investors to dump the currency. Worries about the dollar's future as well as increase in risk appetite as global economic outlook recovered later in 2009 brought the greenback to extremely low levels.

    Undervaluation: According Fed's measure, the trade-weighted USD index plummeted -13% against major currencies after making 2.5-year high in March. On annual basis, the gauge dropped -8%, the biggest loss since 2003. Despite modest recovery in December 2009, the dollar index continued hovering at historic lows.

    ICE's US dollar index also showed a similar pattern. The valuation is about 1.5 standard deviations below its long-term average. From the viewpoint of mean-reversion, the dollar is poised for a strong rebound.

    On a PPP basis, the dollar also looked undervalued when compared with major currencies. The table below shows the PPP values of 8 currencies which were used by Fed in composing the USD Major Currencies Index. Using closing price as of December 2009, USD is undervalued when compared with all 'major currencies'.

    However, being cheap is not sufficient to make USD higher. The US needs to show promising economic growth to attract buying.[Written by actionforex]

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    EURUSD continued its bearish momentum yesterday, bottomed at 1.4062 and closed at 1.4086.The bias remains to the downside targeting 1.4000 psychological level. Only and only if euro trades below these levels further bearishness till 1.38 could be seen. Immediate resistance is at 1.4120 levels. (EURUSD–1.4094) Neutral
    The AUDUSD had a bearish momentum yesterday, bottomed at 0.9068 and closed at 0.9090 and it is currently trading at 0.9130 level.Immediate support near 0.8980 level (100Days Daily EMA) and Immediate resistance at 0.9160 (21 days EMA). Break above that resistance area should trigger further bullish .Buying close to .8900 levels is recommended.(AUDUSD-0.9130) Cautious Bullish [Written by India Forex]

    "P&F EURAUD1440 Box Size 180X5 or(4.96%) CLOSE
    Data 2.0838 - 1.5447 ~ 92 Month ~ 2808 Day
    Database 2000 records 1.54465 (Last Close)
    2002-05-15 00~00
    2010-01-21 00~00
    (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

    2.0700|~18O||____________________X_______X___|0.66 %|34.01%
    2.0520|~36O||____________________XoX_X___Xo__|1.53 %|32.84%
    2.0340|~54O||____________________XoXoXoX_Xo__|2.39 %|31.68%
    2.0160|~72O||____________________XoXoXoXoXoX_|3.25 %|30.51%
    1.9980|~9OO||____________________XoXoXoXoXoXo|4.12 %|29.35%
    1.9800|~1O8O|____________________XoXoXoXoXoXo|4.98 %|28.18%
    1.9620|~126O|____________________XoXoXoXoXoXo|5.85 %|27.01%
    1.9440|~144O|____________________Xo_oXoXoXoXo|6.71 %|25.85%
    1.9260|~162O|____________________X__oXoXo_oXo|7.57 %|24.68%
    1.9080|~18OO|____________________X__oXoX__oXo|8.44 %|23.52%
    1.8900|~198O|____________________X__o_oX__oXo|9.3% |22.35%
    1.8720|~216O|====================X====oX==o=o|10.1 6%|21.19%
    1.8540|~234O|X_X_________________X____o_____o|11.0 3%|20.02%
    1.8360|~252O|XoXo________________X__________o|11.8 9%|18.86%
    1.8180|~27OO|XoXo________________X__________o|12.7 6%|17.69%
    1.8000|~288O|XoXo________________X__________o|13.6 2%|16.53%
    1.7820|~3O6O|XoXo________________X__________o|14.4 8%|15.36%
    1.7640|~324O|XoXo__X_____________X__________o|15.3 5%|14.2%
    1.7460|~342O|Xo_oX_XoX___________X__________o|16.2 1%|13.03%
    1.7280|~36OO|X__oXoXoXo__X_______X__________o|17.0 7%|11.87%
    1.7100|~378O|X__oXoXoXo__Xo____X_X__________o|17.9 4%|10.7%
    1.6920|~396O|X__oXoXoXo__Xo__X_XoX__________o|18.8 %|9.54%
    1.6740|~414O|X__oXoXoXo__XoX_XoXoX__________o|19.6 7%|8.37%
    1.6560|~432O|X__o_oXo_o__XoXoXoXoX__________o|20.5 3%|7.21%
    1.6380|~45OO|X____oX__oX_XoXoXoXoX__________o|21.3 9%|6.04%
    1.6200|~468O|_____oX__oXoXoXoXoXoX__________o|22.2 6%|4.87%
    1.6020|~486O|_____oX__oXoXoXoXoXo___________o|23.1 2%|3.71%
    1.5840|~5O4O|_____oX__oXoXoXoXo_____________o|23.9 9%|2.54%
    1.5660|~522O|_____o___oXoXoXoX______________o|24.8 5%|1.38%
    1.5480|~54OO|=========o=o=o=o===============o|25.7 1%|0.21%
    1.5300|~558O|_______________________________o|26.5 8%|-0.95%

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    Nice analysis.Thanks for sharing the information.

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    Hedging is a simultaneous buying and selling of the same trading instrument.
    It has a great potential on the volatile and less trendy markets.

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