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Thread: Currencies today by UWCFX

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    China continues booming:

    Retail sales up 18 %
    while export soars

    US presses for
    Yuan revaluation.

    Gold and commodities
    start week with gains

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    Moody downgrades Greek
    bonds to junk status.

    Market optimism sours,
    and Wall street stumbles.

    GBP gains against
    USD, GDP and YEN.

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    Stocks rally for
    fifth day in row.

    EURO and GDP
    soar against USD

    Oil closes beyond
    USD 77 per barrel

    Copper continues up
    on expectations of
    stronger growth

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    Yen rallies against
    USD and EURO

    OIL reaches
    USD 77/barrel.

    New dark skies
    surrounding Spain

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    Yuan depreciation
    spurs market rally

    Oil touches $ 80
    Gold continues up

    EURO and YEN
    gain against USD

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    European nervousness
    reenters world markets

    USD strengthens
    EURO back to 1.23

    Weaker commodities
    Gold pauses after
    new record high

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    EURO reaches lowest level
    towards USD in one week.

    Future of European banks
    puts EURO under pressure

    High volatility and fear of
    second dip dominate markets

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    Default Markets 24.06.10

    GBP and YEN rally
    against USD

    EURO recovers
    from one week low

    Huan weakens after
    loosening USD-peg

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    Default Market overview 25.06.10

    Markets continue
    its free fall with
    sharp declines in Asia.

    Stronger YEN
    and stable USD/Euro

    Toronto summit seeks
    right balance between
    austerity and growth

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    Default Currency update 28.06.10

    USD slightly weaker
    after Toronto summit

    Chinese Yuan gets
    expected value hike

    Silver best
    commodity bet

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