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There’s a comedian in the UK called Frank Skinner, he tells a great story of walking through London’s China Town one late summer evening. Amongst all the restaurants he sees a sign in the window of a boarded up shop, the sign is for a new Chinese restaurant, “New Chinese restaurant opening Autumn!!”. He chuckles to himself thinking what sage came up with that eureka ‘light bulb’ moment to decide; “d’ya know what this town could really do with…?”

There’s been a late revival of sorts on many town high streets in the UK. This follows the pattern in the USA where many newly unemployed folk have decided to give self employment a go given their employment opportunities are limited. Many in the UK have chosen to set up niche retail businesses. In my town it’s hairdressers that appear to be breeding onto the high street, we must have at least ten, four new ones in the past twelve months. As I walked past the latest addition, (empty of customers in what are still recessionary times), I wondered what the set up cost was, the over heads, the employment liabilities, the lease term and obligations, the break even figure? Ignoring all other factors I imagine that the set up cost alone, before the cash register even rings, must be in the region of £50k…

Self employed traders can be forgiven for forgetting they’re actually involved in the day to day running of a business. It’s also quite easy to over look the benefits of being in our business over and above some other self employment options that may be out there. From time to time it may be worth taking time out to take stock of the huge benefits of being a self employed trader, a particularly useful exercise if you’ve had a poor trading day. There are obvious life style benefits to trading; the hours you get to choose, the freedom, the creativity, the independence, but trading actually stacks up very favourably compared to other self employed professions..

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