Are you a Part-time trader or Full-time trader?
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Thread: Are you a Part-time trader or Full-time trader?

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    Default Are you a Part-time trader or Full-time trader?

    Hi all,
    Well, I am a part-time trader, its means I will only trade when I am free or after work, because of that i miss out a lot of trading opportunities. I am not trading for a living, cause currently i didn't make a constant profit, if i can constantly make a good profit, i will consider to quit my job and become a full-time trader. Are you a full-time trader or part-time trader? Please share.

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    I am a prt-time trader hoping to leave day-time job one day to fully earn from forex trading.

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    I'm a part-timer. I think it is very difficult to actually start living from forex only! Beacause there are bad months for every trader, and what you do if all your savings are invested?

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    I'm a part time trader in forex.But although we just a part time trader, we will be able to get more maximal result in forex trading. We just have to improve our trading skill here and learn from our trading experience. From part time trader to be a PAMM trader if we want to keep improving. And i think, if we have good skill, we also can be apart time trader too.

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Are you a Part-time trader or Full-time trader?