The keys of success..
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Thread: The keys of success..

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    thanks for your motivational post..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenkofx View Post
    I would say the key to success is discipline as far as the suppression of greed. the other we must have a good broker which give us a comfortable environtment in trading forex . my self trading in TenkoFx.
    totally agree with you apart from discipline, a good broker is a must so as to keep your investment safe and you dont have to worry about it.

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    the key to success in forex is by discipline. Dicipline very important in forex. With discipline then we can trade well and we can get the maximum trading. to it, with a demo account, we can train a trading discipline

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    Success is such a word which is really tough to achieve. One should have to sweat a lot to gain success. Loss is the first step of learning Forex. One who thinks that he will learn Forex without getting loss never be able to learn Forex. Three things must be needed to achieve success from Forex. Among them notable are hardworking, proper knowledge and the last one is right and reputed broker. I am trading with an ECN broker which has a high security level and too much active.

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    I just add a little, maybe for the key to success is thorough and not in a hurry, then do not see the benefits alone but the loss is also, diligently also needed, and most importantly always ask God to be given the best and according to our wishes.

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    My tip for beginners is only one and it has to be disciplined. If we still make sense then we do not have to do anything extraordinary to follow the level of discipline. and must be consistent, consistent do not miss one of them .. because the skill is important in trading so you must follow your consistency do not be lazy. because if we are lazy it can hamper success

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The keys of success..