A lot of people are trying to make money by trading FOREX nowadays. Almost everyone is finding Holy Grail strategy, the most accurate indicators in the world and believes in commercial EAs from loosing traders.
The vast majority of people are missing the most important thing ever!! The thing is trading conditions = broker.

Please, remember everyone! Even if you are the best trader in the world and you trade with the wrong broker, you have no chance to succeed in the game. At least 70% - 80% of traders are trading with fraudulent broker from whom they will never see invested capital again or with average broker, where they pay huge costs on every realized trade. Itís like buying a croissant for $3 and trying to sell it then. But you have the opportunity to buy exactly the same croissant for $0.7!! Which croissant trader do you think would succeed?

The basic requirement to start making money in FOREX is to trade with the best trading conditions. Because lower fees mean higher profits or profits closed more quickly than with standard trading fees - it means less stress from open trades especially during manual trading. Thatís what this is all about! I trade FOREX for seven years now and I notify more and more the most important difference between profitable and unsuccessful traders. Very often the main difference is bad trading conditions, poorly chosen broker.

That is the reason why me and my friends founded the project called ďRevolution in trading conditionsĒ.

What is it all about? We created an informal group of traders (35 live traders and counting) that have access to the best retail trading conditions in FOREX.
Because we appear as a group of traders when negotiating with brokers, our monthly volume of traded lots is absolutely higher than we may realize as ourselves.

What does that mean? We can negotiate with practically every broker about trading conditions that individuals have no chance to get.

Every month we test new brokers, last year we have tested dozens of brokers. We focus on average spread, commission, avarege slippage during trades filling, latency, reliability and non-public information about brokers to ensure we have chosen absolutely the best company. Slippage often means higher overall costs than spread + commission together, be very careful!!
After deep tests we selected the best broker (I donít mention them here to not make any advertisment), which currently offers the best conditions for trading. We trade with the broker for our own. Thanks to our group we have negotiated additional discount on commissions. What does that mean? We always trade with the best trading conditions that we could get in the world, through fair and quality broker.

BTW: Never, I repeat never (!!) trade with the broker that offers deposit bonuses or attractive competitions.

Now comes the best, the bigger the group will be, the higher will be trading volume per month and based on that we could negotiate better conditions for trading with the broker.
That is why I write here, to get in touch with other traders and to expand our group so we could get even better trading conditions than we have now.

We don't sell anything. It's absolutely free. We just want to prepare the best trading conditions for everyone. That means the best trading conditions for us also and better trading results for both of us.

For more information please write me via PM or my email: andrew.bn007@gmail.com

...traders for smart traders...