Before going with live trading
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Thread: Before going with live trading

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    Default Before going with live trading

    We need to make sure that we are aware of some aspects of Forex trading before going with live trading such as
    i)Money management
    ii)Understanding Trend
    iii)Knowledge about technical indicator such as Moving average, Fibonacci, Stochestic, RSI, Bollingar Band.
    iv)Knowing about fundamental news their impact and how to use and make them work for us.
    v)Knowing how dangerous or volatile this market can be.
    vi)Time which has to be given to get the success (Usually it is about 3 years).

    Last but not the least “You must not invest money in this business that you cannot afford to lose”.

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    yes these are very useful tips and moreover i would recommend if you could trade in Demo account before opening a real account this will help you to understand these points more effectively.

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    before we start trading live account, we need demo account to learn trading properly. because the demo account we can trade with a live account either. for beginners can utilize Forex education of tenkofx
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    It’s true, we may not able to earn real profits through demo, but demo trading is very useful way to learn Forex trading! I am sure; traders need at least a profitable trading strategy to start their live trading. I found basic instructions of trading through trading eBook of TradingBanks broker. That’s way, I handled my demo on the right way.

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    Yeah a trader should gain market exposure and learn from different sources like Demo account, forums, social networks etc.

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Before going with live trading