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    Now that you have a basic understanding of Forex terms and concepts, you can start to trade based on your own experience and understanding. You are moving beyond merely opening and closing positions on a hunch, and you are beginning to think ahead. This is a valuable step in the process, and with practice, your trades will become increasingly profitable. There is a lot of research to be done if you want to start trading at a high level.

    Value, Timing and Currency

    Every currency is worth the price that the market will trade for it. Beyond this basic rule, there is no guarantee of any particular value. When you begin thinking of your next trade, you need to avoid thinking dogmatically about what a currency "should" be worth. Each currency type is worth exactly what someone else will pay for it and this is going to change. There are two ways to consider what this change is going to be.

    First, you can look for a trend to form. While trends are sometimes misleading and can be hard to spot, there are a lot of different possible trends. We will look at some specific trends in other articles in this series. However, you need to plan when you intend to open and close a position within a trend that interests you.

    The second way to predict a change is to understand how people typically look at a particular currency.

    Understand Countries

    Entire countries worth of traders tend to think in terms of the two market-moving emotions -- greed and fear. When times seem good, people go into more speculative currencies like the Australian Dollar or the Canadian Dollar. During more emotionally trying times, fear takes over and a lot of traders load up on currencies they perceive as safe, such as the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen.

    The psychology of the market is as important as the fundamentals of a country and its currency. A currency's value can be battered because it's unpopular. In the same vein, the currency of a country in economic ruins can be held up because it's well perceived.

    The last and arguably most important part of formulating an advanced strategy isn't about how others think -- it's about how you think.

    Control Yourself

    If you allow yourself to be swept up in what the market thinks, you will always be following someone else. If your research gives you a strong indication that a very profitable trend is forming or that perception about a currency is about to change, go with it. Do not allow the news or other traders to sway you. When you set your strategy, follow it like a battle plan and treat your strategy as if lives depended on seeing it through. When you stand steadfast to your strategy and base your plan on solid research, profits will very likely come your way.

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    start googling and you may find many resource you need, and start with reading fx basic knowledge, alternatively you may prefer to watch video tutorial, you can find many in youtube, but most of them are too long to watch, some video are over 2 hours duration in single link, found this one well informed video, and more interactive video tutorial, you can select which lesson you need to watch, based on your knowledge level, each video only at average 3-5 minute duration, you may check at :

    well, if you're new with trading, first thing invest your time with learning, and spend less while you're just starting, forex is a good business to start with, when you done with learning, keep focusing with your money management, that's how any kind of succesfull business works, get be ready be anticipate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CahCuncun View Post
    We can learn from several source to trade in forex. And then try to make practice with demo account because it will help us to get trading experience in forex. In TenkoFx, trader can use demo account and cent account to start trading in forex.
    yes, today has many sources for we can learn forex trading, one of which is with a demo account, with a demo account then we will be able to practice trading well and therefore we need to use a demo account to practice trading so that we will be able to succeed in this business

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    to succeed we need a trading strategy. and we need to run a trading strategy with discipline, in this forex trading discipline is important because with so it will allow us to succeed in this business

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    this is a trading strategy performed by professionals

    News Trading
    This method exploits the market response when there is a release of economic data. The market will usually move more volatile if numbers from a given economic data are announced better or worse than expected.

    Magic Number
    What is meant by magic number here are price levels such as 1.3000, 1.5000, 1.7000, and so forth. While non magic number is the price as we used to see, such as 1.2345, 1.9876, 1.1357 and so on.

    Indicator Combinations
    This is often referred to as a trading system. Professional traders usually use some technical indicators at the same time with the intention that one indicator can cover the weakness of other indicators so that the resulting signal is expected to be more accurate.

    btw, does anyone here ever work with a broker?
    if not I suggest to cooperate with one of the brokers that is with FXB Trading because they offer many advantages.

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    There are many way of learning the basic of forex trading. Forex trader can search in Google to learn the different way of trading. Also to get practical trading experience they can go through YouTube videos. Trader need to learn for their own needs. Because if they don’t learn they will not be able to apply different trading strategies. Also to apply strategies trader needs a strong trading support. My support is TopFX24.

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