Forex correlation table
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Thread: Forex correlation table

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    Default Forex correlation table

    You have Oanda correlation table :

    Corrélation des devises | OANDA fxTrade

    You have also Myfxbook correlation table :

    Forex Correlation | Myfxbook

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    I used to use the Oanda Correlation table until I came across the MyFxbook Correlation. Although I prefer MyFXbook correlation table, I believe the two are the same,
    they all give the same information if you use them correctly

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    thx u a lot

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    I am not trade based on corelation but using simple chart analysis based on price action and candlestick pattern, with looking from daily timeframe and or hourly timeframe to analyze the trend market, but if trying to making analysis indeed there are corelation movement between pair

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    To be a successful trader, understanding your whole portfolio's affect ability to market unpredictability is critical. This is especially so when trading forex. Since monetary forms are estimated in pairs, no single match exchanges totally autonomous of the others. When you know about these connections and how they transform, you can utilize them control your general trading portfolio's introduction exposure.

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Forex correlation table