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Thread: Knowledge and experience

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    Default Knowledge and experience

    In order to earn good amount of profit every trader need to know the basic of forex trading. This basic knowledge can be acquire form different sites. Like for my trading knowledge Google helps me a lot. I also follow different trading blogs and forums. There are few popular site which are actually good for learn about forex.
    Second important thing is to go through a demo platform. It helps a trader to understand the process of forex trading. Also trader can get practical experience from a demo platform. Using a demo platform trader knows that how the forex business is actually running. Because practice can actually make a man perfect. The combination of forex knowledge and experience brings success in trading business.

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    I agree with your definition of success on forex completely. These are the key factors to be able to make money in this business.

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    Knowledge is the primary and fundamental requirement for trading currencies. Experience is the secondary requirement which is directly proportional to the market knowledge. So you need to gain knowledge and experience will come along with it automatically. Am I right folks?

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