Forex patterns & probabilities

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Thread: Forex patterns & probabilities

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    Forex trading requires a lot of learning and practice. One of the basic necessary skills and pattern in Forex is charting. Why are charts so important in trading? A successful technical trader relies on real time charts in order to understand Forex market and plan trades according to the information obtained. The skill to interpret and comprehend Forex charts effectively comes with experience. It is a learned skill and every beginner in Forex can master it.
    Agree completely with you Kevin.

    The only true is you need an experience and thorough knowledge. Going back to those days when I started my adventure with forex I still can’t believe how many stupid and nonsense things I did when trading. It cost me loads of sleepless nights and probably my life will be 10years shorter. Now my expectations are lower, rational and reachable. I watch my trades with pint of beer, and I sleep well at last.

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    Learning and consistently exercising your trading discipline - will positively affect all aspects of your trading, including helping you keep the GREED monster in check. Fail to master them, and they'll control and defeat you.

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Forex patterns & probabilities

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