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Thread: Backtesting on Demo vs Real Live account

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    Default Backtesting on Demo vs Real Live account

    Hi Forum,

    I from some time become interested in Forex - as we know we can win a lot with this but also lose a lot if we donīt use the right system or MM strict rules - yes thereīs a lot of free stuff out there in the web about Forex that we can learn about and EAīs from different Forums we can get for free to test.
    But we also see thereīs some Brokerīs scam out there to cheat you - so we have to make a previous study on which best Broker we can work with.

    I was testing different EAīs and manual systems on the last days and months using different Demo accounts with different Brokers, but I want to ask the more experienced members here if you see considerable differences between the backtesting in Demo account and the same backtesting on Real Live account within the same Broker.

    You know I see the methodology to use the EA you are working with in this way :

    -Backtest on Demo to find the best pair and timeframe the EA perfoms best.
    The other day I tested some EA for the EUR/GBP that was especifically designed to work with but the EA performed better on other currency pair EUR/JPY as we know the market changed on time and the result may differ.
    So that gives you a clue on where to put the EA to work.

    -If that is so then you put the EA on Demo forward test maybe for 1 month or more to see if the results maintain in the same way.

    -Then if the last was good put it on Real Microaccount (microlot) to test the waters on the Broker.

    But returning back to my previous request ....
    I know the difference must be in the spreads used or other type of parameter between Demo and Real, but what do you think??

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have noticed that many are confident back testing EAs with the strategy tester and most seem to be unaware how easy it is for a developer to reverse engineer an EA after some back testing. They are also unawares that the same EA running on a demo and live account, with the same broker, will attain different results.

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    Back testing software is an integral cog in the process of analyzing trading systems. Back testing is the process of testing a trading strategy using historical data rather than testing it in real time with real money.

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Backtesting on Demo vs Real Live account

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