Are you or would you like to be a good trader?
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Thread: Are you or would you like to be a good trader?

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    Default Are you or would you like to be a good trader?

    Would you like to be a professional private trader and trade client funds.

    Are you or would you like to be a good trader that knows how to manage risk, not over leverage and trend accounts to the upside.

    If so then you should consider talking to us.

    Wealth management companies and private investors need good traders in commodities, currency pairs and equity futures. Could you be one of them?

    We are interested in hiring people on a prove you can trade basis rather than paper credentials.

    You can work from home. Whatever country you live in and whatever your nationality, we do not discriminate against people! We and our clients only care that you trade well.

    If you have any questions or wish to get started with a demo so you can show us your Trading skills please contact: Philip Richard Greenwood via e-mai.l - startraderscfd - atgmaildotcom or skype: philrgreenwood Quoting Reference Number 10287

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    Of course, i wanna be a good trader, a successful trader in forex who can make forex for living.. And thanks for the information, sir..

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    I am agood trader thx and do this. But I can count on one hand the number of other "good tradrs" i know.

    Good trader:

    1) Too the time to learn their trade. Not jumpnig from get rich quickl to get rich quick scheme. Learned and honed in on the trading biasics. Low risk trades, cut losses, let winners run, be patient, etc. Trading 101. Most people haven't even adopted these principals, lead astray by the world of hype and promsies of mega riches.

    2) Is business focused.

    3) Has good levels of emotional intelligence. I am afraid if you are hot headed, big mouth, cheater, you'll get found out very quick in this game.

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    To become a good forex trader you need to be commited to work hard. Learn all about Technical and Fundamental analyses and practice in a Demo Account until you find a good profitable strategy for you to follow.

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    If we want to become a good trader then we need to have a profitable trading strategy and we should always learn from our mistakes and focus on constant learning and finding new ways to perform profitable trades in the market

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    If any one wants to be a successful trader then you need to get some knowldge and skills. without knowldge it will be very hard to survive in Forex.

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    I want to be a good trader in forex, that's why i try to improve my trading skill in forex trading. I learn from my trading experience and also try to hone my trading skill using demo account in TenkoFx. I want to be a PAMM manager, want to maximize PAMM from TenkoFx.

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Are you or would you like to be a good trader?