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    Hello, i do paper-trading, i trade on 1H TF, but i donīt enough time to watch the charts during the all day on my computer.Therefore i want to trade via PDA. I search broker, which allow Multi-terminal demo account. But i havenīt found it yet.

    Could someone help me


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    MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is an ideal choice for investors and managers, for traders who work with several accounts at the same time.

    MultiTerminal provides all MT4 features (orders placing and modification, partial or complete closing positions, receiving broker emails, news updates) and has the familiar MT4 interface.

    The only difference between MultiTerminal and MT4 is the ability to manage several accounts at the same time. MultiTerminal gives you the opportunity to distribute order volume across accounts in order to place the necessary volume for every single order. Choose between equal distribution or let the program distribute funds automatically based on the funding ratio.

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    Hi there,
    I agree with Goldie Kyles, as MT4 has the capability to manage several accounts at a time. Hey Peter, as you don't have enough time watching the charts, try MT4 it would a perfect choice for you.

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    This is a nice platform to learn forex trading. But There are so many forex trading demo terminal which are best for learning forex trading.

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    I would say that UFX Bank offers many great and unique opportunities both to aspiring traders who would like to get up-to-date with the great prospective of forex, and also to professionals who seek a thorough, efficient and detailed experience in currency trading.

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Multi-terminal demo account