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Thread: Martingale system

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennedy View Post
    Hi Funyoo,

    Where we can find the DSDS.mq4 link for download?

    Hi Kennedy,

    You can find it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jezzer1961 View Post
    I'm not really sure which thread to post my request on, so I'll try it here because the thread has got Martingale in its title.

    I need to test a Martingale system for somebody and I didn't really want to spend time building an EA to do it when there are so many on the boards already. Not being a fan of Martingale, I wonder if somebody could perhaps point me in the direction of the appropriate thread please as there are lots of Martingale systems out there and I'm unsure which does what exactly.

    The system I want to test does a few things:

    1) It starts by opening 2 positions of the same size at the same time in opposite directions to each other.
    2) One position will obviously move to profit, the other will move to loss
    3) When the winning position is in profit by "x" pips it closes out and instantly opens a new position in the same direction at the initial start lot size.
    4) When the losing position's loss reaches "y" pips, it opens another position which is "z"% larger in size in the same direction. There can obviously be multiple losing positions open at any one time.
    5) When a losing position eventually turns and gets to bank a profit, it resets the lot size back to the initial starting value for the next trade.

    This system will always ultimately blow up an account (Golden Rule of Trading Number 1 is to never add to a losing position) and I need to demonstrate to somebody how and why this happens.

    Could somebody point me in the direction of a thread containing this sort of EA please?
    I have received a number of notifications recently that hedging, ie holding both buy and sell positions of the same currency pair , is going to be disallowed in all forex accounts in the near future. This would prohibit opening positions each position at the same time as suggested. It might be worth while to find out for sure before spending much time on this concept.

    The only way I have heard of to potentially win in the long run with a Martingale system is to routinely remove enough money from the account to start again at least 3 times before the big blow out. There is absolutely no possibility the blow out will not occur. It will take essentially all the account at some time. This will usually occur quite soon depending on system accuracy.

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Martingale system

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