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    Default Foreign Exchange Investor

    We are a New Zealand based Foreign Exchange business which has been operating for the last 26 months with some very solid results....we are looking to expand our business across worldwide.

    Last Year we achieve 44.92% Gross return and that was on the back of 52.72% for 2009. The main reasons we have been so successful is we offer a level of safety and transparency few investments do these days.

    Here is a brief on what we do.

    * You open YOUR own account with global leaders Interactive Brokers; we simply trade on YOUR behalf.

    * Your account is available to you 24/7 to check profits, withdraw funds.

    * Interactive Brokers are one of the largest and safest brokers globally.

    * You can fund your account in any major currency.

    * IBs Fee structure is one of the lowest in the industry (voted top 3 lowest cost Broker for FX)

    * We use no more than 1 percent of your account per trade i.e. $20k account = $200 per trade.

    * Most trades last between 6 and 24 hours so profits/losses are realized in a short period of time.

    * In the last 25 months, our biggest monthly gain has been 12.83% and our biggest draw down -0.9%.

    * We have tight stop losses in place on ALL trades.

    * The ForexAtom is committed to protecting your capital not just increasing it.

    * We are a New Zealand based Company

    I believe we have the most transparent high return investment on the market today.

    If you would like more information please Email me at

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    Hey great angila good to know about ForexAtom, but presently I'm trading with UFXBank which leads me to the correct path of earning in stock market.

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    Hi ..

    Great to see you. but now i trade with the other broker from New Zealand. I already using TenkoFx to trade in ECN account also now i am trying to open PAMM account this broker

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    hi nice to meet you,
    now I try to be an investor in freshforex broker. many advantages that we can get to become an investor of this broker. we can try to invest with affordable capital

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Foreign Exchange Investor