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    Default Running MT4 in Linux

    I have manage to run MT4 in Linux, specifically Linux XP 2006 ( ) . This is not a free linux but will allow you to reboot 30 or 99 times depending on the version.

    I have no problem with it as it will stay on trading my real account for a long, long time. It was lacking a dll that one can download from .

    Beware you will not have the full function of the MT4. If anyone knows how to improve on it, please share it here.

    Use Firefox to download and install MT4 program (open it with Wine when asked for the option), then download Opera to enable you to save EA into the expert directory ( as I find it hard to find where the MT4 is located in the Linux directory )

    I run it from an old Pentium2, 666MHz, 256 MB ram.
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Running MT4 in Linux

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