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    So I've been trading on/off for a few years and I've done software development as a career. I just finished "Expert Advisor Programming: Creating Automated Trading Systems in MQL for MetaTrader 4" and it was a rather helpful book. "Inside the Black Box" wasn't terribly useful but an entertaining read none the less.

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend forex trading books that focused on various entry + exist methods.. understanding technical indicators and automated systems. I want to get better are writing my own trading systems . So i'm studying the EA's here and trying to implement systems I find in books, so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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    New Trading Systems and Methods 4th edition by Perry Kaufman

    1200 pages - everything u need is inside

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    Beat the Forex Dealer: An insider's look into trading today's foreign exchange market by Silvani

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    hello all
    list of best and importanat forex tarding books
    good luck

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