I'm new here and can use any help that anyone can offer regarding automated trading with MT4.

I have some experience trading forex on a casual basis. I have found many flaws within myself that have been reflected in my trading that maybe Expert Advisers can help me with. i am still in the learning phase as i have read more than half of the MTA.org reading list with the other half soon to arrive.

My "master plan" is to have a portfolio of Experts all with different trading concepts running on multiple accounts and non correlated pairs. i would prefer to trade with real money. because that is the only REAL proof you can get that anything actually works. I will be using Micro lots in batches of 5 to 10 EA's at once, doing this multiple times over.

I am not really concerned with making money... as to just proving it is a sustainable effort.

But to get there i need to be pointed in the right direction. Learn how to back test, forward test, side test.... you get the point. as well as just the most basic of MT4 tasks... as i am totally unfamiliar with it and plan on attempting to apply the EA's on this website to obtain my goals.

i think this will be a fun learning process and any posted resources would be great