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Thread: Ebook - The Fractalís Edge

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    Default Ebook - The Fractalís Edge

    Basic Userís Guide

    Let's review exactly what you get with this TOTAL stock and futures trading solution:

    1. Proprietary Education. The Fractal's Edge Stock and Futures Trading Method. Also, on-going education in the form of an email newsletter, TFE In Action, highlighting the specific applications of TFE in various scenarios.

    2. The Fractal's Edge Stock and Futures Trading Software. This stand-alone application (illustrated throughout the course) automatically displays the key indicators used to read the current direction of the market and aids in the selection of precise entry and exit points. The program distinguishes between stocks
    and commodities.

    3. US and Canadian End of Day Stock and Futures Market Data. TFE software includes built-in, single click, stock data download capability from Primate Data, a premier data vendor.

    4. Quarterly TFE Stock and Futures Trading Watch Lists Delivered Directly through the Software. While there is nothing stopping you from creating your own stock watch list, every quarter (more often for futures) we will filter out thousands of stocks and futures contracts and deliver to you (via the software itself) the 100-150 stocks and 10-20 futures contracts that we believe have the best potential for use with TFE in the coming

    5. Ability to create, manage and share (if you choose) your own portfolios and access those of other TFE users who are willing to share theirs.

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    Default Link Down?

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi Funyoo,
    The link seems to be down.

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    The link is down. But, you may get the file from — fractals edge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passion Trader View Post
    The link is down. But, you may get the file from ó fractals edge
    I need to PAY to download the book.
    I thought the ebook was free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hymera View Post
    I need to PAY to download the book.
    I thought the ebook was free.
    Yes, unfortunately, the offical site does not support the software.

    I also cannot download the file. But manage to search by seach engine on this document. Not sure whether is the same too.
    Appreciate that someone who have it, can share it.

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    Default I have it

    I used to subscribe to quatum futures and I got the last release they made of the manual. If you can get me the following two books by Bill Williams for download then I'll mail it to you. Also, attached is a screen dump of the PDF file I have on the fractals edge so that you know I'm not speaking nonsense.
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    Sharing are good but these links are not working !!!
    Is there any other other way to download these e-books?

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    Is Fractal edge theory applied only to stocks and futures or also to forex trading?

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