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Thread: FXVM Dedicated Servers Now Available!

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    Default FXVM Dedicated Servers Now Available!

    Hi Guys,

    I'm excited to announce that we now offer dedicated server rental in both New York and London for those traders wanting the best infrastructure possible for their trading needs.

    You can find out more about our Dedicated Server options by clicking here.

    We order hardware for each client specifically, so it takes about 48hrs to deliver and install the physical server into the datacentre. As the name suggests, this is your own dedicated server sitting in a datacentre adjacent to most of the worlds major brokers.

    Our live chat and ticketing support Spanish, Polish and Chinese language clients 24/7. To find out more please feel free to jump on our 24hr live chat.

    FXVM | Forex VPS Hosting with MT4 | New York & London

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    dedicated server? is it really necessary to get so much performance for forex trading?

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FXVM Dedicated Servers Now Available!

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