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Thread: Micro Broker with Free VPS

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    Default Micro Broker with Free VPS

    Hi guys.

    I have searched the internet all over the place for a broker that allows micro accounts (1000 USD trade size) and offer a free VPS.

    I have only found Forex.com but they have spreads that i can't accept.

    And we have iamfx.com. They offer micro accounts but the lowest trade size is 5000.

    So is there any one that knows of a broker that can meet the below criteria:

    1. Micro account
    2. Start trade size = 1000
    3. Trade size increment = 1000
    4. Tight spread (1.5 at the most on E/U)
    5. Free VPS
    Regards / JoLi

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    Default Try Yadix for Micro and Free VPS

    Hi jolimoney

    Try Yadix, they offer free VPS on all Pro accounts, or deposits of $5k +

    But for you, they have an account that might be suitable (I use it) - Scalper Account, raw spreads (EURUSD from 0.3 pips, USDJPY from 0 pips) and low commission (total 1 pip - so total cost per lot traded is from 1.3 pips) minimum here is $500. They offer free VPS based on volumes traded, so it might be worth asking them.

    BTW, the execution is very fast and very accurate at Yadix

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    I've trade since 2009 in lite broker and got free vps..
    it's good vps, we can trade all day without shutting down our metatrader.
    lite forex is both of micro and real broker. they have many bonuses (until 100%),rebate,promotions, weekly contest, and many others...

    lite is very recommended broker guys..

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    Is it free VPS no matter what deposit amount is?

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    in liteforex, if you make initial deposit $100, you will get facilities free VPS for some month...
    It's good for our trade using VPS, our best EA will work 24hour non-stop..
    I've also using this service right now..
    It's recommended guys!!

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Micro Broker with Free VPS

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